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Creating a Healthy working environment One Leader at a time.

Great Leadership is the key to a Healthy Work Environment!

Core Values

We Care For Others So They Can Be Their Best!

About Me

My name is Marbella Campos and I am the owner of Marbella Campos Leadership Services, LLC. I am a Certified Life Coach and I am a John Maxwell Team Member. If you haven't heard of John Maxwell, let me tell you, he is the Leader in Leadership!

I have been leading teams for over 25 yrs on a Corporate Level. At the very young age of 17 I was promoted to a Supervisor within 3 months at my very first place of employment. Since then I started leading small teams of 4 in an office setting up to 65 employees in a warehouse setting. My first employment was a training ground for me. When I was promoted to a Supervisor it ruffled some feathers amongst my coworkers since I was the youngest and the newest employee. There were a couple of people that were not to happy that they would be reporting to me. I believe I was a natural born Leader because I was able to navigate through those testing times with flying colors. I was also very blessed with a Management team that supported and guided me. I am glad I went through that at my first employment because it prepared me for all that we encounter as Leaders. Being a Leader at a Corporate Level is very rewarding but it is great responsibility. There was a time were I didn't want to lead anyone but I would still end up getting promoted, because my boss at the time said I was an Alpha Female. Honestly Leading just comes naturally to me so even if I try not to, I can't help it. I've seen teams crumble because of the lack of Leadership skills from the Management team. That is exactly why I felt so strongly the need to start this company. I myself have experienced being under a manager that lacked Leadership skills. It was the unhealthiest experience for me, mentally and physically. That is why my mission is Creating A Healthy Working Environment One Leader At A Time!

What can I help you accomplish?

Healthy Work Environment

The main focus of MCLS, LLC is to assist corporations in creating and maintaining a Healthy Work Environment by empowering Leaders to lead with integrity, understanding, kindness and boldness. 

Improve Company Culture

By creating a Healthy Work Environment the Company Culture will improve. If you have a reputation of a positive Company Culture you will have more employment seekers interested in joining your company.

Higher Employee Retention

If you have a Healthy Work Environment and a positive Company Culture then your employee retention will increase.

As you may already know turnover is costly. Some studies show that the cost of losing an employee can be as much as 6 to 9 months of salary. By creating a positive work environment, you can help your company keep its employees and lower expenses for training and recruiting.

Increase Productivity

Employees are more likely to go above and beyond at their workplace if they feel valued and have a healthy relationship with their boss.

A study at the University of Warwick found that happy employees are 12 percent more productive than unhappy employees. It was revealed that human happiness has substantial effects on productivity.

Why it's important to have a Healthy Work Environment?

Having a Healthy Work Environment creates Happier Employees. Happiness is contagious therefore if you start with your Leadership team it should trickle down the command chain into the rest of the organization. Happy employees are more willing to help fellow workers therefore creating Unity Between Employees. Happy employees are more motivated to stay at work and are less likely to develop long-term illnesses which Reduces Absenteeism and Increases Employee Retention. Happy employees usually equals Happy Customers.

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Healthy Leadership Team?

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Leadership Statistics

One in two (50%) people state that they’ve left a job at some point to get away from a bad manager.

There is a huge number of people who are reporting that they’ve experienced a bad manager. It begs the question of how many employees one bad manager can force out over the course of their career.

69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized.

Employees who are made to feel that they’re appreciated and their work is recognized are more engaged and can help the company achieve its goals. Recognizing and appreciating employees is the job of management and other leaders in the organization.

Employees who trust their boss report a higher sense of job satisfaction.

Trust is an important skill for leaders, and it needs to be earned and cultivated to improve workplace engagement.

35% of American workers put company culture as a priority when job hunting.

The fact that one-third of workers would pass on a perfect job if the culture fit wasn’t there shows the importance of a quality work environment with good leadership at the helm. 

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